Cirque-It serves as an action platform created to generate interest in the intersection of three industries: fashion, technology, and performing arts. 


Started as a presentation event for new creative explorations within circus, today’s Cirque-It expands to recognize spectacle performance as a whole. Encouraging new applications for wearable-tech, the platform fosters innovation and discussion of art in technology through establishing: workshops, economic opportunities, industry networks, academic writings, events, and showcases.


The flagship event, Cirque-It: A Wearable-Tech Fashion Circus was an immersive and interactive event that showcased the collaborative creations of teams made up of three industry communities: wearable-tech “makers”/developers, fashion designers, and spectacle performers.


These teams worked for months prior to the event to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that are innovative, stylish, and functional to be worn during sensational performances throughout the evening.


Cirque-It is produced by Noble Sky – an interactive entertainment production company – and had become a Resident project of the Transmedia Zone at Ryerson University shortly after. The project is currently on hold for future development.

“What happens when a Wearable-tech Maker, a Fashion Designer, and a Performer collaborate? Now imagine the kind of spectacle several of these teams would create; the innovation that would arise.”

The Producers…

Noble Sky Interactive

…would like to thank everyone below who dedicated time and efforts toward the exploration of possibilities for this project.